Where do lessons take place?

Lessons take place in a professional studio in mid Mestre (Venice) where you will find all the necessary equipment at your disposal.

Can I bring and use my controller or my personal console to the course?

Sure! If you have an easily portable console and it is to your liking, you can take it to class to practice with it.

I would like to buy one of the services, where can they be bought?

The purchase of the service takes place after the personal contact that you can have through the contacts or the forms on the relative pages.

What kind of music is used in the course?

There is no specific genre we are going to learn about! The basic rules for becoming a real DJ are the same for every style. In any case you will see that there will be music of all tastes, to adapt the course to what you like best!

Will I learn to use turntables and vinyl?

Yes, if you want it! The basic technique will be studied with digital consoles and controllers in order to study the music in its composition in detail. The next step, if you want, will be to learn how to mix with records.

I already have experience but I would still like to attend a course, is it possible?

Of course, let’s get in touch and find an agreement for a tailor-made course for you based on your preparation and knowledge.