My name is Giacomo Zaffalon and the Zaffa Records project, located in Mestre (Venice), was born from the love and passion for music, DJing and club culture. With twenty years of experience, it makes knowledge and skills available to offer quality services.

Over the years I have played in various discos and clubs in northern Italy and I have never stopped doing musical research, focusing my mixing technique and my selection style, always offering different DJ sets with underground and more unknown tracks. My rule has always been to play sets that are different from one another in order to catch the audience’s attention with great music they may have never heard before with a broad force of involvement.

As far as listening to music, I have explored all kinds of electronic and house music out there, I have been focusing on how those types of music have developed over the last twenty years. From the more classic house music to the electro one, from deep house to progressive, from minimal to techno, always keeping an eye out for disco music, soul and R’n’B of the 70’s and 80’s.

DJ courses are aimed at an entry level student who has an interest and an attraction towards this figure and intends to dive into everything that concerns DJing, from how this role started, how it has evolved, to and how a DJ behaves behind the console. I strongly believe that the course has to start with the fundamental basics of the DJ subculture. The technical and practical part of the course will teach you everything that you need to know about music composition, mixing techniques, gear usage and all the things you need to become an independent DJ.

The music selection service for DJs, on the other hand, is aimed at intermediate to advanced DJs who, due to the lack of time or for practical reasons, need support in compiling music. Thanks to my near-maniacal passion for continuous musical discovery that has always distinguished me from others, I am the best resource and person to turn to for this. 

How Zaffa Records was born

Make skills and knowledge available

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