The love for the art of mixing and music selection is what prompted me to make my knowledge available. This passion has always led me to improve technique and technicalities. I’ve started by listening to and studying different DJ sets of the greatest international artists by paying attention to the smallest details, what they did, how they behaved and what they transmitted to their listeners with their music.

This dedication brought me to the field and trained me, above all, in the care of the music selection and in understanding its effect on the public. The synthesis of professional growth is therefore study and passion combined with a lot of practice!

The course is aimed at aspiring DJs and non-DJs who wish to learn this art and everything that surrounds it. In the course you will learn:

The course is 14 hours total and costs 350€, at the end of which you will have learned all those skills that you will take with you for the rest of your life. I must say it immediately: you will do half of the work. Because it takes a strong desire to learn and, above all, a lot of dedication to achieve the desired results.

Keeping in mind everything said above, I can guarantee you that you will have perfected an infallible technique. You will know how to make yourself known and you will  be recognized for your refined musical selections and your own mixing style!

Contact me via e-mail, whatsapp or mobile phone and let’s get to know each other immediately to shape the course that suits you according to your level of preparation, the equipment you want to learn best. I will be at your full disposal!